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This website is dedicated to doctors all over the world who are mired neck deep in dysfunctional healthcare systems. If you have landed on this page, you are tired of being crushed by administrators, insurers, student debt, senseless paperwork, never ending and mandatory testing, CME, coding, billing, maintenance of certification requirements, demands to see more patients in less time, and on and on and on.

You are among friends here. Vent. Let it out. Send us your stories, videos, letters, hopes, prayers, and best and worst interactions with patients, colleagues, insurance companies, and anything and everything that drives you crazy about being a physician. This is your space. (Just please respect everyone's privacy and follow all other relevant laws and regulations.)

How do you cope with the madness? We want to hear all about it. How do you think we can make our healthcare system better for doctors and patients alike? Send us your ideas, good and bad.

We will have satire, opinion pieces, and some serious articles as well. Our hope is that something good will come from this.

And while you're here, order an Angrydocs pin from our Shop to wear around the wards or in your office to show the world that you're not happy about our health care system either and you are pushing for positive change.

You are not alone.

The Editors